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We have a long history in pest control and mold remediation in crawlspaces and attics. Both of these issues are very prevalent in Seattle and the Puget sound giving us the satisfaction of helping our customers to achieve permanent solutions to otherwise hopeless situations. We utilize our knowledge and expertise to source the problem and come up with sensible solutions. Whether it is figuring out how rats are entering a structure or how to safely rid your home of hazardous mold we can help. We don't upsell or make mountains out of mole hills. At Diversified we attempt to put smiles on faces whenever possible both for our own stability and our customers piece of mind. We are able to assess all systems in crawl spaces and attics due to our long history and service in this Industry. So if you have rats tunneling, mold growing, infiltrated ducts, standing water etc.. Do not hesitate to call. All estimates are free. Real estate and Insurance transactions are welcome.

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sometimes it takes a little ingenuity to stop creatures from taking residence in your home.

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Over 20 years of solving mold , rat and related issues!!! We work in spaces most wont dare to venture into.

concrete rodent barriers

also known as a rat slab

Rat Removal and exclusion services


Mold attic and crawl space Remediation Specialists                 Free Inspections!!!


DRS  employs only the most well versed, well rounded, and comprehensive methods to assess and identify problems that otherwise go unseen. You will absolutely love the work we do for you, whether it's a simple inspection to a full clean up.


All of our work is guaranteed and warranties are available. Licensed Bonded and Insured #diverrs857ka

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Do you consider how well your is  home insulated or if your furnace system is compromised? It happens all the time rats love to make your home a nesting ground.

tunneling is a common way vermin access your home. it is not always as simple as an open screen which is why Diversified is the answer for a permanent solution.

whether it be poor drainage, dysfunctional downspouts or a high water table we can solve the problem. Ask about our mold remediation services.

Has your crawl space or attic been neglected? let us help.

We have permanent solutions to otherwise hidden issues!

Free onsite comprehensive inspections to evaluate crawl spaces and attics for a wide variety of issues.

moldy or wet crawlspace ?

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